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MSL Book 3 Cover in Progress

Pencils are done, I just start to the inking and then on to the watercolor.

A bit of raw story:

Meanwhile, Stevie walked along the big ass wall. He waited for the wizard to let me in, as he watched the jagged surface climb into the heavens. Maybe a magical window will appear and the wizard will pop out and say who rang that bell? He walked closer to the wall and knock three times, then waited. Screw this, I’m going back. Lily should be awake by how. Stevie turned to face the wall, he stepped back from the dilemma that stood in-front of him. The wall seemed to be made of cars, concrete and an array of house parts, building parts, even mud. He’s too close to see the top, but he thought it might be possible to climb it. He turned and began walking back to the GAS IT UP.

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