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My Short Life as a Werewolf - Book 2

My Short Life as a ...? - Series

The nightmare that began in My Short Life As A Zombie reaches new heights of mind-blowing apocalyptic mayhem as shape-shifters confront the undead. But is anything possible, even werewolves, to stop the zombie apocalypse? The dead returned to Chicago less than a day ago: ravenous mobs, mindless and ever-expanding, with an endless appetite for human flesh. Not even the U.S. military, massive explosions, and napalm can slow them down. Valerie barely survived an attack by her infected co-worker, Bobby. Now she has to find a way across the infected city, through millions of the walking dead, to rescue her young brother, trapped in the attic of their murdered parents’ home. It seems impossible, insane …… until a shape-changing creature, more animal than man, rescues her from the zombie horde and gives her a gift that will change her into something far greater – and far more dangerous – than simply human. But will it be enough? Valerie is on her way. She may be her brother’s only hope … and it may already be too late! Fans of Twenty-Eight Days Later, The Walking Dead and Sean of the Dead will love the bloody adventure of Valerie and her dogs in Zombie Chicago. My Short Life As A Zombie was only the first act. Now the action really begins!

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